The ultimate hacks for a stress-free wedding day

June 2, 2021

The bridal planning process is a medley of emotions that sometimes might feel overwhelming. As the wedding day draws near it is natural to have additional worry whether everything will be perfect, but do not surrender all of your hard work to stress and overwhelming anxiety. For everything in life, there is a solution. As a professional wedding photographer, I have seen many brides struggle with this, therefore today, I am here to reveal to you THE secret to enjoying your wedding. Surprisingly, it is quite simple and it is called ‘being prepared’! Instead of going to your ceremony anxious and nervous, take a look at this handy wedding day guide that will help you master your stress and relax:

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  • Plan a wedding day timeline

This will be the backbone of your whole wedding day! It is essential to tailor the timeline accordingly as the events are supposed to unravel while adding extra time to certain aspects. For example, the bridal preparations can get hectic. Bridesmaids may be late, the beauty stylists as well to a fault that is not their own. My advice is to plan an additional 30 minutes to prevent any unpredicted surprises. Additionally, as a wedding photographer, I would strongly advise planning extra 15 minutes for any of your sessions. We are artists who yearn to see our couples relaxed and immersed in their own loving emotions, so an additional 15 minutes can help you both unwind from all the pressure and share beautiful intimate moments.

  • The layout of wedding details & photography plan

The details complete your wedding day storytelling. They are captured during your bridal preparations so my recommendation would be to have them prepared in advance, so when the photographer comes, they will be ready. In that manner, everything will run seamlessly. Furthermore, go over all the details with your photographer about what you wish to be highlighted and what is your personal photo priority. That way, your visual memories will be portrayed perfectly, carefully organized into a relaxed wedding day timeline.

  • Hire a professional – wedding planners are lifesavers!

Not only do they know every tip and hack, but they will take over your burden. Instead of worrying whether the decor will be flawless or whether the ceremony is properly organized, let the planner or coordinator attend to all of the obligations while you focus on what matters the most – the love you two share!

  • The week before the wedding

Clear the wedding planning timeline and only leave time for any minor checks. Don’t focus on the planning nor burdening yourself on the details. Instead, keep your week clean of any coordinating activities and enjoy your last moments as a couple before you become husband and wife. Relish in the romance or simply do fun activities together. This is your time to enjoy. An important reminder is to also go to bed early before your wedding day. Excitement might keep you up for a certain amount of time, yet you will still get a good night’s sleep if you go to bed earlier.

  • Bring an emergency bridal kit

At some point during your wedding planning, prepare an emergency kit that will include all the bridal essentials. Those are a bottle of water, a few snacks to keep you energized throughout your preparations; bobby pins & wipes to fix your makeup, a sewing kit for any unfortunate damages to your dress or veil, and a painkiller. Trust me, these details have stopped many breakdowns from happening!

I hope my wedding day guide will help you have the best time of your life! Even though there might be unpredicted events, you will eventually see that it is your wedding day and the most important thing is the heartfelt love you two share with all of its raw emotions. Celebrate it to the fullest!

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