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Why It Is Okay To Cry On Your Wedding Day

July 30, 2020

As all eyes are on you during the wedding day it is natural to worry a little about what might happen. What if I trip walking down the aisle? What if I forget my vows? And a common worry for the bride and the groom is what if I cry on my wedding day?

For the groom you might feel shy or embarrassed to cry in front of your family and friends. It’s understandable, especially if you are the guy who only shows deep emotions in private. Go with the flow (excuse the pun). If there ever is a time to cry in public, it is on your wedding day.

For the bride the concern is there for different reasons. What if I cry and don’t look pretty? What if I ruin my make-up? What if I can’t stop crying? 

At heart I am a photojournalist (and a romantic) and clients book me for my natural style of storytelling through images. On a wedding day moments of pure joyful emotion are constantly unfolding. For this reason I believe a bride or groom tearing up is a sentimental moment to be treasured.

Here are some tips so you can feel free to cry and I can get that gorgeous shot. Later you will feel blessed to have it.

When you are getting ready its common to feel emotional and have a little outburst of tears. It’s normal to cry at times like reading messages from loved ones who can’t be there or receiving gifts. For the bride when your father sees you for the first time you might both be crying together (and again during the father-daughter dance).

For the ceremony ask your minister or celebrant to have a box of tissues handy (but hidden). If either of you need tissue the celebrant can pass them to you. The celebrant will take control by speaking to your guests as you compose yourself. Take your time, there is no hurry. 

Pass the used tissue to a bridal party member and tell them beforehand it must be hidden from view (in a pocket or under a bouquet) so it doesn’t show up in the photos. 

Don’t Ruin The Make-up

If you use tissue, gently pat the tears from your face to preserve your make-up. Talk to your make-up artist about this in advance. She will show you how to do this properly. Don’t wipe your face or you will have streaks that are hard to fix later. 

Use a professional make-up artist who uses quality products such as airbrush with long-lasting foundation and waterproof mascara. After the ceremony we can make time for any necessary touch ups. Have your make-up artist stay for the ceremony or keep a bag handy with your own supplies so we can touch up on site before group photos.

You Will Look Gorgeous

You won’t look ugly when you cry. Yes, it is possible that an unflattering frame can be caught when you are crying but nobody will ever see it. I will shoot many frames and select the prettiest ones for your wedding collection. 

From a photography point of view crying is wonderful. It is a moment that is emotional, touching and heartfelt. It is also very real because it’s an emotional action that is hard control. 

Often when a bride or groom shows emotion by crying it will set the guests off and a wave of tears will flow. Even I’ve been known to shed a tear during a ceremony. Crying is beautiful. It is one of the most lovely expressions that couples show during their wedding ceremony. Tears come from the heart and are a symbol of your love and happiness. So remember ~ it’s okay to cry during the ceremony. For me it’s one of my favorite moments of the wedding day to document.

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