Engagement Session: What Should You Wear?

Getting married is such an exciting time in a person’s life, and one of the most fun activities leading up to your big day is to have an engagement photo session. It is a less formal photoshoot before the actual day. And, just like any other occasion or event, you have to think about the styling and pick the right engagement photos outfits. You will likely use these snapshots for your invitations and wedding days programs, so you will want to choose clothes that show your personality. Take a look at these ideas below that will help you in the choosing process.

Get inspired. 

To find out what kind of engagement photos outfits you should wear, be inspired by old photos of you and your partner together. So, bring out those galleries and albums to see which outfits brought out your best look. Create a mood board on Pinterest to plan the direction of your photoshoot attire. Seeing how you look wearing certain clothes in older pictures will help you decide what works and what doesn’t.

Choose comfortable clothes.

Of all the engagement outfit ideas, perhaps the most important factor is comfort. The whole point of this photoshoot is to capture the raw moments of you and your partner. Therefore, pick clothes that make you feel like yourself. You’ll look your best in pictures when you don’t feel awkward and uneasy.

Choose coordinating colors.

Color is a significant factor in deciding what to wear for engagement photos. Avoid looking out of place or boring in photos by focusing on colors that complement each other. However, I’d recommend ditching matching outfits and patterned prints — they aren’t great for portrait sessions. So, create a coordinated look and go for flattering tones rather than matching hues.

Go for lighter tones. 

Light colors make great engagement photos outfits. Wearing such tones will keep viewers from being distracted by your color choice and focus on your faces instead. With that in mind, get rid of ultra-bright, bold hues like hot pink and cherry red. However, this tip can be overruled when properly done. Consult with your photographer and color palette for guidance.


One of the game-changing engagement photos outfit ideas is to incorporate at least one accessory, i.e., a scarf or a hat. Doing so will greatly improve your shots. The groom can wear layered clothing and the bride can throw in at least one accessory per outfit to add more visual interest to your looks.

Don’t go beyond two outfits.

This is not a fashion show, so keep your engagement photos outfits to a maximum of two. You can take hundreds of romantic shots without having to change outfits twenty times! Two outfits should be enough to tell your love story. Besides, you have a whole wedding party to spend money on, right?

Choosing your engagement photos outfits doesn’t have to be difficult. Knowing who you are and what looks good on you is all it takes to pick the right clothing. I hope these tips gave you some insights. If you want a professional photographer to capture your engagement photoshoot, head over to my contact page.