How to get amazing getting ready pics

May 11, 2022

Bridesmaid help bride to dress up

How to get amazing getting ready pics

The preparation part of the wedding day is when the bride and groom begin to dress for their wedding celebration. Preparation photos should include both the actual getting ready part and the details of the day, such as the location, shoes, flowers, dresses, accessories, etc.

Some of the best getting ready photos are taken at the pre-wedding location when the bride puts on her makeup, puts on her dress, puts on her jewelry, and all the other final details that will complete the seamless bridal look.

Want to be prepared? Then you are in the right place. Today, we will tell you the secrets to getting amazing wedding prep photos, so keep reading!

The bride and her bridesmaids photos

Wedding preparation photos reflect the start of your happiest day and also include the most important people in your life. Those key persons, like your mom and your bridesmaids, must also be all dressed and ready for the prep photos, in order for everyone to look great in the final images. A couple of shots of you and your bridesmaids sharing the joy and drinking champagne in the hotel room, and some of you from behind in your matching silky robes, are must-do prep photos.

The location photos

A fantastic pre-wedding day session at the chosen wedding location might serve as the setting to capture a lot of incredible moments and give a special touch to your preparation photos.

While getting ready, you and your ladies might be enjoying the luxury, comfort, and first-class services of an amazingly designed penthouse which will make your prep photos look like from a movie. Having a natural source of light will elevate the atmosphere completely! Make sure that the room has a window with plenty of light for wonderful getting ready portraits.

Photos with your make-up

A couple of gorgeous photos of your hair and make-up from up close are a must. Another pose you must do and is linked to styling is one of you in front of a mirror putting on your lipstick. This is how you take sensual yet stylish bridal wedding prep photos.

The wedding dress photos

The wedding dress of the bride, which always tends to be really impressive, must be captured in a photo. This includes snaps from the sole gown hanging and a couple of them where the mom or maid of honor helps the bride to lace or zip the back. All brides want their final look to enchant everyone, so some great shots of the dress design are a must.

Jewelry – the greatest accessorize in your photos

Each accessory is important to create a total bridal look. So jewelry is also an aspect that must be paid attention to when getting ready photos. No matter if the bride has chosen to wear luxury earrings, a ring, or just a heart-shaped necklace that highlights elegance, every piece of jewelry must be captured in photos. Stunning bridal jewelry is highlighted when the bride is looking at herself in the mirror, then putting on her earrings, or touching the necklace.

The groom getting ready photos

Although the bride is usually the center of attention, the groom must not be forgotten. It looks great on photos when a preparation moment between him and his father or groomsman is caught. They could both do their ties or just smile while putting on their suit. Various details like the cuffs, watch, and shoes can be easily styled and portrayed. Also, sharing a few drinks and toasting before the big moment always looks great in photos!

If you want to know more on how to get amazing getting ready photos and have the best ones from your wedding, feel free to contact us!

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How to get amazing getting ready pics

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