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Authentic Wedding Photos! What is Photojournalistic Wedding Photography?

November 12, 2021

What is Photojournalistic Wedding Photography?

Marriage is the highest point in the relationship between two people who are making a commitment to be there for one another for the rest of their lives. As such, their wedding is a day for them to remember. Can you think of a greater way to bring back memories than having photos of that one sweet day? Not only do photos remind the couple of what happened during their nuptials, but they also fan the flames of the emotions that were felt as they made a vow to be there through thick and thin. This is the reason that photojournalistic wedding photography is a great choice. But what is it, and why should you consider investing in it for your big day?


We often hear the term “wedding photojournalism” but it can be misunderstood. This type of photography primarily emphasizes capturing a wedding day as the events unfold with very little to no interruption from the photographer. It is a style that focuses on documenting real emotions and reactions. To tell the story, black and white images are often utilized to give an organic, natural vibe. It also incorporates multiple story-telling elements in a single image. What makes it so interesting is that the couple and guests don’t even notice the photographer taking the shots!


Photojournalistic wedding photos have gained popularity in recent years because they look so real and unposed. They capture a feeling similar to photos presented in the news, magazines, and other publications. From a historical standpoint, this photography style originated from photojournalists who were expected to observe and document events without causing any intrusion. About 30 years ago, photojournalists decided to gift their talents to the wedding photography industry, to offer a unique method of capturing wedding photos.

More than Point and Shoot

While anyone with a smartphone or camera can take candid shots, not everyone is a photographer. Therefore, photojournalistic wedding photography is not something pulled off effectively. This art form requires training, experience, skills, and the right equipment. Seasoned photojournalists can see things in a wedding before they take place. So, they position themselves to make sure they get the right moment at the right time. This prediction also involves the ability to make the necessary adjustments to the camera’s settings, i.e., ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Furthermore, the photographer will understand lighting well and use both ambient light and flash to get the perfect exposure.


Photojournalistic wedding photography makes a lasting impact because the photographer captures emotions without the subject needing to pose. In fact, the wedding party is often not aware many of the shots are being taken! This way, the photos look natural as the emotions are raw and genuine. Furthermore, when looked at, they will tell the story of how the day naturally unfolds.

Can it get any more authentic than a picture of you and your significant other unposed? There is no instruction, no staging — just the real story of your wedding day captured by a professional lens.

Another benefit of wedding photojournalism is that it offers a variety of galleries. About 90 % of the photos in typical wedding photography sessions feature only the couple themselves; they may be the star of the show, but having plenty of shots of the rest of the day will best capture its magic. After all, your wedding day isn’t just about you; it’s also about other people who were there to witness such a special occasion. They too are a big part of your celebration and your life together. You want to see them as you look back at those photos in the years to come.

Tired of filters? We’re living in the Instagram age where filters are used to create good-looking photos. However, they do not look natural. If you want unfiltered snapshots, go for photojournalistic wedding photos. A good photojournalist relies on excellent technique, not filters. He knows the variance between taking filtered photos and capturing images without the need for manipulating techniques like cropping and limited toning.

One of the things that set photojournalistic wedding photography apart from the traditional portrayal is its focus on both perfection and imperfection. Everybody knows that nobody is perfect. In any wedding, there will be some aspects that don’t go to plan and the photojournalist should also capture those special moments. Don’t forget that the entire idea is to tell your wedding story, which includes every element of the day. This makes your images look real and natural. When you reminisce, you want to look back on everything.

Couples usually prefer wedding photojournalism because it reminds them of what actually happened at their wedding, including the emotional aspects. You can’t see everything at the same time, but when you have a photojournalist working in stealth mode, you’ll be surprised by how you or your guests reacted to certain moments!

If you love looking at pictures shot from unusual angles, you will love this photography style. Unposed photos are a breath of fresh air from the common angles and formal compositions usually seen in wedding pictures.

If you want to have photos of the genuine moments of your wedding, consider photojournalistic wedding photography. It will give you (and those who will look at your photos) an insider view of your special day. It will also allow you to really enjoy your wedding without having to worry about posing or projecting – you can act naturally throughout the day. In other words, you can be you!

This is important because your wedding day is going to be busy. Having someone there to document every moment that matters means you don’t need to have this on your mind. A photojournalist will make sure no opportunity is missed to capture real, authentic emotions from you, your family, and your friends.

Moreover, if you do want to pose for portraits, your photojournalist can make this happen, too! While wedding photojournalism puts a premium on candid moments, it is versatile enough to allow you to pose and have formal shots for your portraits, if this is your preference.

Are you looking to have photojournalistic wedding photography for your big day? Contact me and let’s talk about your vision.

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