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10 Things You Can Do with Your Wedding Photos When Your Wedding is Over

July 17, 2020

What You Can Do with Your Wedding Photos after the wedding is over?

After your wedding day passes with all it’s fun, one thing couples look forward to is their professional photos. You’ll be filled with anticipation, and the joy you’ll feel when told they’re ready is usually unrivaled. So now you’ve got them, and you’ve seen every detail possible, what next? You can’t just put them away and only bring them out when you want to relive your wedding day’s memories. You can do more. Want to know what I mean? Grab a lovely cup of tea, relax in your favorite chair and let’s talk about ten fun things you can do with your wedding photos when your wedding is over. 

Put Them in Frames

This option is obvious and is a go-to for most couples. You can take your favorite wedding day photos and put them in a frame you’ll display on your bedside table and in your living room. Purchase some artsy frames and hang them up on the wall as a way to decorate your home too.

Photo Albums

Most photographers include an album in their pricing or give you a chance to get one separately. It would be best if you took that offer because you can only put up so many framed photos of your wedding day before looking obsessed. Plus, if you have a small apartment, it’ll start to look like a wedding altar if you put up too many frames. Putting your wedding photos in an album is an excellent idea because it can be arranged to tell your story of that day beautifully. Wedding albums are also a family heirloom, and they’ll be treasured as they get handed down from generation to generation.

Send Them in Your Thank You Cards

You can get a print order from your photographer and use the photos from your wedding day to create a custom thank you note card. You can even go further and send your guests note cards with images of them or people that they know and love. If you can’t find any, an artsy picture of yourself should do just fine.

Send Them as Your Holiday Cards

If you already did the above one, it might be a little too much following up with this, but maybe to guests who could not attend your wedding? If you eloped, this could be a great way to make your announcement and show your guests that you’ve started a new life together. 

Use Them as Gifts

Your guests would love a chance to get pictures of themselves looking fabulous at your wedding. You could send your parents pictures of themselves and some of your family members at your wedding as a keepsake. They’ll also love photos that show all of you together and a special one of just the couple too.

You Could Create Art with Them

One of the fun things about professional photos is that you can enlarge them to create art on your home walls without the quality being affected. You can use wood, plexiglass, and even metal in your display. It’ll turn your pictures from just regular photos to works of art.

Share Them

You can always publish your wedding photos on your social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When done, share the links with your family members so that they can relive the moments with you. This way, your loved ones get a chance to at least see some images of your wedding. Don’t forget to tag them too.

How About Using Them to Make A Cool Video Montage?

You can combine your photos and even your wedding videos if you have them, into a fantastic montage. Many apps will let you do this, and you can also share it on your social media or have it as a keepsake. For more effect, use a song or more than one song that is special to you and your partner.

Turn Them into A Game

Imagine pulling out a deck of cards with your wedding images on the back during game night? If you’re a fun-loving couple, you’ll love this one, and you should get it done. You can also use your images to create a custom Monopoly board or a retro view-master wheel.

Display Them at Work

We’ve all seen that movie, with the boss’s wedding picture in his office. Displaying your wedding picture in a frame on your desk is a great way to show your new status and can be a lot of fun. Plus, whenever you’re having a low day, you could always have a reminder of when you said “I do” to the love of your life. It could be a nice pick me up when you need it.

Are you looking for an experienced wedding photographer who can capture the special moments at your wedding in a unique way? I am Tanarak, and I would love the chance to do so for you. You can find me in the San Francisco Bay area, but I capture weddings worldwide. If you reach out to me, we can get started talking about your wedding right away. Contact me today!

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