10 Things to consider if you are planning an Outdoor Wedding in San Francisco and Bay Area

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Firstly, congratulations on planning your nuptials in one of the most magical parts of the world! San Francisco and the Bay Area offer so many options to tailor your dream day. From a combination of urban and beach style to the historical charm and a vibrant culture; there are a plethora of locations to choose from for your outdoor wedding. Yet, there are so many other factors to be considered, so let us go in order.

Choose the best season for a San Francisco outdoor wedding

Without any doubt, I would recommend Summer. There are misty periods in which the fog comes and goes but they are incredibly magical and look ethereal in your wedding photography. Additionally, you can pick Spring or Autumn but be aware of the winds. The best period to tie the knot in these two seasons and avoid the windy inconvenience is from 10 am to 1 pm.

Pick a location

Your wedding day will be curated by the location that also partly dictates your bridal style. Do you wish to host a beach wedding in the Bay Area? A garden wedding in San Francisco? Or maybe an urban rooftop celebration in a stylish loft?

Define your guest number

No matter where you are planning your wedding, my top tip would be to draft an approximate guest list that will help you for the next step and that is choosing your perfect venue.

Choosing a wedding venue

Hosting a Bay Area outdoor wedding and you need a venue aligned with your style? You are in luck because the Bay Area has it all: perfect ocean views, historical venues, chic modern venues, wineries and even museums! If you have previously chosen your location, it will be easy to scout the most amazing properties available.

Work with the best wedding vendors available

Your wedding day is as good as your wedding vendors, so make sure to hire the best ones. The San Francisco and Bay Area creatives and professionals know absolutely everything on how to bring your vision to life. Trust their dedication for a stress-free experience!


What is the best time of the day for an outdoor wedding?

I would recommend holding your ceremony around 1 pm when the fog clears so you can continue with all of the events after. 


What is the best day of the week for an outdoor wedding?

If you wish to avoid crowds and have a laid-back yet glamorous experience, I would recommend picking any day from Monday to Thursday.

Consider the traffic and other larger events when deciding on a date

Having a garden wedding in San Francisco or a beach wedding in the Bay Area while some great events like a festival happen, might result in greater traffic jams and other crowd inconveniences. Additionally, to avoid the jam, schedule your transport anywhere from 11 am to 1 pm.


Marriage legalities and requirements

Of course, you need to obtain a California Marriage Licence for you to be legally married. This is quite an easy task, but keep in mind that it will expire after 90 days (once issued).

Book an experienced wedding photographer

This might feel like an easy task but trust me, you need someone who knows the venues, surrounding, and the perfect timing to ensnare the magic of a San Francisco outdoor wedding. Someone who will artfully portray your story & candid moments while framing them with the best light and background.

Did you find my outdoor wedding guide for San Francisco and the Bay Area helpful? I would be more than glad to answer any questions that you may have!