What is Photojournalistic Wedding Photography? Marriage is the highest point in the relationship between two people who are making a commitment to be there for one another for the rest of their lives. As such, their wedding is a day for them to remember. Can you think of a greater way to bring back memories […]


The bridal planning process is a medley of emotions that sometimes might feel overwhelming. As the wedding day draws near it is natural to have additional worry whether everything will be perfect, but do not surrender all of your hard work to stress and overwhelming anxiety. For everything in life, there is a solution. As […]


I had a chance to help Fernanda & Marco to capture the unforgettable moment for them the Surprise Marriage Proposal in San Francisco! The photo session was arrange by Fernanda’s mom, she help to arrange everything with me for the date & time as they’re traveling from Mexico! All of the family members know about […]

Building a wedding day schedule was never so simple! 
I will share my experience as a wedding photographer with you in a document that explains my two proven and approved wedding day schedules for a seamless and fun wedding day. 
This guide will help you find the right timeline for your big day, one that fills all your needs and expectations. 
Let's plan your big day! 

two photographer approved

timelines for a seamless wedding day

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