Surprise Marriage Proposal San Francisco | Fernanda & Marco

san francisco / BAY AREA

I had a chance to help Fernanda & Marco to capture the unforgettable moment for them the Surprise Marriage Proposal in San Francisco!

The photo session was arrange by Fernanda’s mom, she help to arrange everything with me for the date & time as they’re traveling from Mexico!

All of the family members know about this arrangement except Fernanda 🙂

She ask for the recommendation place for the proposal. the first place in my mind was at Baker beach no question!

Baker Beach is one of the top location I photograph in for marriage proposals in San Francisco primarily because it offers stunning views from the beach.

As a photographer, it’s one of the best places to unleash creativity and its one of the easiest locales to get couples to relax and get exquisite shots. It is a locale that allows for incredible panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge which makes for an excellent backdrop.

It is also a very accessible location that isn’t necessarily ruined by poor weather or lighting conditions. You can really capture a couple’s love for one another on a beach where they feel relaxed and comfortable.

I love this photo session so much, you can see loves everywhere, from both of them, family they are so happy!

Perfect weather & sunset make the scene unforgettable!

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This photo was featured at The Bride Guide Magazine‘s instagram too here


Surprise Marriage Proposal at Baker Beach, San Francisco


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