4 Things You Should Know Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

March 15, 2023

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While 2022 was recognized as the year of the wedding boom, 2023 is expected to usher in trends that aim to personalize and reinvent the wedding experience. Among this year’s wedding trends are the shift to low-impact and sustainably planned weddings and smaller and simpler affairs that fit the current economic climate. Whether you choose to hop on these modern trends or stick to the traditional route, one thing’s for sure: you’ll want this significant event in your life to be immortalized through photographs.

It’s projected that there will be fewer weddings this year than last year, which means there’ll be relatively less competition when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer. But this shouldn’t make you complacent and stop you from doing your research ahead of time. Here are four things you should consider before booking your wedding photographer.

1. Their skill and quality of photos

Remember that photography is a craft that takes years to hone. The professional skills of your prospective wedding photographer will rely on their ability to take quality photos regardless of your wedding size and venue.

San Francisco and the Bay Area offer a range of sights to choose from if you’re considering an outdoor wedding, which means your photographer should be able to work with changing lighting conditions without sacrificing the framing, composition, and the story that each image evokes. Aside from checking out photographers’ portfolios on their professional social media or websites, consider getting feedback from their previous clients to improve your vetting process.

2. Their style of photography

It’s important that your wedding photographer is not only skilled but also has a style that suits the wedding you envision. You and your partner should figure out if you want your photos taken digitally or on film and whether the mood and setting should be classic, romantic, or editorial, among other things.

For example, documentary-style wedding photography is characterized by genuine and candid moments, as opposed to staged and posed shots. Meanwhile, lifestyle photographers add elements of creative styling and direction while still ensuring the shots feel relaxed and approachable.

3. The photography gear they use

While a good photograph is about skill, top-quality gear is always a plus. Let your expectations for the shoot be known, then ask your photographer about the brand and model they will be using so you have a better understanding of the type of photos they will be looking to get.

You can also do your research by exploring photography-related websites that display different camera models to buy online with a list of their specs, features, and suitable accessories. You’ll find that most modern camera options are split between DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. These cameras often come with extra features, like wireless data transfer or higher-quality images. For example, the Sony Alpha a7 V mirrorless camera has a fast processing speed and precise autofocus that allows your photographer to capture even split-second moments with superb image quality. Meanwhile, the Canon EOS Rebel T7 may be bulky, but its weather-resistant construction and intuitive controls make it reliable for outdoor ceremonies.

While browsing, you may find that photography is fascinating whether you’re in front of the camera or behind it. Who knows, you might even find the perfect vlogging camera that you can carry with you while you’re on your honeymoon.

4. Pricing and packages

A professional wedding photographer will, of course, charge you for their services, so find one whose pricing also works for your budget. The cost of a wedding photographer in the Bay Area starts at $3,000 on average, but the final quote depends on demand, experience, and the extent of event coverage. Add-ons like prints and albums can also alter the costs, so remember to ask your photographer if they have different packages and what they entail.

With Tanarak Photography services, the wedding you’ve always wanted and imagined is made possible through collaborative timeline planning. Whether it’s a traditional or a destination wedding, you can expect your photos to reflect the vibe and the atmosphere of your special day, with additional offerings to choose from.

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