Why add an engagement session (Pre Wedding Photography)?

November 12, 2019

Just a few reasons on why adding an engagement session (Pre Wedding Photography) to your wedding package is a brilliant idea!

Reason one – You’ll be using them (a lot!)

Believe it or not, you’ll probably be using those engagement photos (Pre Wedding Photography) over and over again before the big day arrives. My clients love sending out photo-laced Save The Date cards or using their images for their wedding website. Some clients have even incorporated engagement images into their wedding invitation suites!

In addition to stationery, I’ve often created wedding sign-in albums for clients featuring engagement photos (Pre Wedding Photography) (which are a huge hit with guests at the wedding!). Whether you’re announcing your wedding via a website or sending out beautiful stationery, I’m certain you’ll find multiple uses for these fun, casual photographs.


Pre Wedding Photography

Reason two – It’s Practice

When the big day arrives, it’s normal for some couples to be nervous about being in front of the lens. Having an engagement session beforehand is a great way for us to get to know each other and practice working together. You’ll feel more confident for your wedding photos, and know exactly what to expect when working with me.

Having an engagement session will also allow me to learn your best angles, practice poses (like the classic dip, which can take some practice!), and get inspired on ideas for the perfect wedding images.

Engagement Photography in Hong Kong
Pre Wedding Photography in Hong Kong

Reason three – Just Do You

At the wedding, everything is very beautiful, but very formal. In your engagement session, though, anything goes! I highly encourage every kind of self-expression, including fashion taste, favorite colors, hobbies, special locations, and anything else that’s unique to you as a couple.

Sometimes couples choose locations where he proposed, others a favorite bar or outdoor spot. I encourage you to incorporate props, pets, hobbies, or anything else that’s meaningful to you! I love seeing clients get creative and bring their own ideas to the table for their engagement session.

Engagement Photography in Hong Kong
Pre Wedding Photography in Hong Kong

Reason four – It’s a process

A lot goes into getting that perfect shot of a couple! Angles, lighting, and the right posing all heavily contribute to a perfect couple’s portrait. Even with all the experience in the world, sometimes it still takes us photographers a few tries to really nail down what makes a couple look their absolute best.

An engagement shoot is the perfect way to experiment without worrying about time constraints as we do during a wedding. Once we try a few things and find your perfect look for photos, we can easily replicate it on the big day, providing you with stunning shots gotten very quickly under a pressured situation!

Engagement Photography in Paris
Pre Wedding Photography in Paris

Let’s get started!

Ready to book?

I can’t wait to get started with you. Let’s open the conversation with a free initial consultation! In it, we will go over my services, portfolio, and most importantly, your love story, which I would be honored to tell through beautiful imagery. Please reach me anytime via one of the methods I’ve listed below.


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