8 tips to prepare for your wedding day!

May 11, 2022

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8 tips to prepare for your wedding day!

Finally comes the day you’ve been waiting for. A bundle of nerves and you are already worried about how will everything unfold. There are many months of planning and expectations, but it is still difficult to predict what would be the reaction to a completely new situation. This is the reason why today we give you 8 amazing tips on how to prepare for and enjoy your wedding day, as you are the protagonist!

Delegate tasks to your close ones!

It seems simple, easy to achieve, but it can cost your nerves. You want to be in control of everything, and that is sometimes impossible and stressful. Gather your trusted people and ask them if they don’t mind giving you a hand on the day of your wedding. Assign each person a task, for example, have someone pick up the bouquet or pick up your friend who arrives at the airport that morning.

Always hire professionals

As for your wedding day, you should always look for professionals that will do their respective tasks on a high level, without you having to interfere and help with everything. Turn to a professional when it comes to the organization and coordination of your event. In this case, the figure of the wedding coordinator or planner will surely become your fairy godmother. Another important face is the photographer who must know your style and the kind of wedding memories you want to last forever.

Prepare everything you are going to wear

Your dress, shoes, veil, accessories… Everything! It is very important that you have everything at hand for the wedding morning so that it does not take so long to get ready. In addition, your photographer will be able to capture beautiful detail shots that will complement your story.

Select the most essential things

As I mentioned, controlling all of your wedding day preparations is going to be tiring for you, so choose only the most important things to pay more personal attention to and relax from the rest.

Avoid trying new things

If you’ve never had chocolate strawberries for breakfast, don’t do it that day. Don’t change your routines! If something doesn’t work properly it can turn on the alarm button in your head, and we don’t want that. Make decisions that are usual for you when it comes to the wedding day prep, especially on the wedding morning when your head is full with so many things.

Prepare an emergency kit

Ask someone to carry it in your bag. Some foot patches never hurt, so if the shoes start to give trouble, you can dance all night without stopping. It would also be convenient to put a needle, a button, medication for a headache or stomach ache, a comb, hairspray, and some makeup to touch up.

Not everyone will like everything

The sooner you get used to the idea that probably not everyone will like everything, the better. There will always be someone to criticize your dress, style, or simply your preferences, or even that there was no menu for vegans, that the tonics were finished in the first round, and that how was it possible that the DJ did not put the last of their favorite singer. Do not stress everyone else’s opinion on what must be YOUR wedding day.

Do not let preparations overcome you

If the flower arrangements are not visible as much as you thought, the balloons deflated earlier than expected, or the dinner comes out 15 minutes later…Nothing happens! Only you and your closest people know the small details. It’s okay to take care of some things, but don’t let anything spoil your party. Everything will be perfect.

If you want wedding photos that will reflect your wedding day in the most magnificent way, without any stress during the process, contact us. We cannot wait to ensnare all the emotions and details!

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