You have photos from your wedding day that remind you of how special that time was. The best part is that you can always go back to those shots and be instantly reminded of happy moments. But now that you are officially married and have been with each other for at least a year, you can make new memories to cherish for years to come. An anniversary session is a great way for the two of you to fall in love all over again.


Marriage-related photography sessions, including for engagements, ceremonies, and receptions are special moments between couples and their families  — a wedding anniversary. Adding another year to your relationship is something that calls for a celebration. With that in mind, here are some of the advantages of an anniversary session for you to consider.


Retake the wedding photos you always wanted.

When you look at your wedding photos, do you ever say, “I should’ve posed like this or looked that way?” Well, you have a chance to do them over again during your anniversary shoot and achieve the portraits that you’ve always wanted.


Memorialize a milestone anniversary.

This is definitely one of the biggest reasons that couples in the San Francisco area schedule an anniversary session. Whether it’s to mark your first, fifth, tenth, silver, or even golden anniversary, this is an opportunity to celebrate how you both have grown and changed. The truth is, celebrating milestones is key to building stronger relationships. Each year that passes is a testament to how the two of you have created something special by affirming your love for each other and staying strong.


It’s a celebration of your success.

Every couple understands that life after the wedding isn’t the same as before it. There are highs and lows and there are a lot of things you need to figure out together. Sometimes, your personalities will clash and difficulties will arise. But if you try to understand one another and make allowances for mistakes, you’ll get through another year. And when you do, it’s a success to celebrate. An anniversary shoot can be exactly what you need to continue walking bravely through this wonderful life together with smiles on your faces.


Take photos of your growing family.

Another great reason to book an anniversary session is to have photos of the new additions to your family. I have been fortunate to capture couples’ photos where the wife is expecting a baby and the husband is thrilled at the prospect of becoming a father. Such pictures are significant as the couple prepares themselves to grow their family. When they look back at those shots years later, when their kids are grown up; the photos will bring back some of the family’s special moments.


Are you looking to have your anniversary session in the Bay Area? Let’s connect and talk about your wishes. It would be my lenses’ pleasure to capture your special moments of this beautiful milestone.