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Top 7 Venues to Get Married at In San Francisco & Bay Area

July 15, 2020

Top 7 Wedding Venues in San Francisco & Bay Area

San Francisco Bay area is very popular amongst couples in the USA for their wedding venues. And why wouldn’t it be, from lovely amenities to beautiful outdoor locations, San Francisco has it all. It also has a favorable climate for most of the year and some of the most scenic views you’d have ever seen.

If I decide to list all of the fantastic venues in the Bay Area where you can have your wedding, you will run out of time, and I would run out of space. So, I’ve decided to break down the list to just seven. It does not mean that they aren’t more; it just means that these locations have impressed me in one way or the other. So here are the top seven venues to get married at, in the San Francisco Bay area.

Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa

Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa - Bay Area Wedding Venues

This lovely venue has oceanfront views and is located on Cannery Row. If you’re looking for a wedding venue with lots of places where you can take gorgeous photos, this is amongst the top choices (See why I like it?). The Dolphin Ballroom, for example, is breathtaking with its blue and green color palette. The view of the bay and the Dolphins fountain is also magnificent. You and your guests will enjoy your wedding here.

Dolce Hayes Mansion

Dolce Hayes Mansion - Bay Area Wedding Venues

Dolce Hayes Mansion stands out in the San Francisco Bay area because of its lovely architecture. It is a stunning hotel close to the city and is surrounded by palm trees and lush greenery. It was once a private residence and is well maintained. If you hold your San Francisco wedding here, you’ll have access to a bridal suite, tables, chairs, and lots of other amenities. It can be quite inexpensive too.

Hastings House

Hastings House - Bay Area Wedding Venues

Hastings House boasts of a gorgeous garden that visitors can not just enough of. The flowers at this garden bloom almost year-round, and the proximity of this place to the ocean is quite close. If you’re looking for an exclusive garden location to host your wedding, this is where to go. You’ll love that the garden only hosts one event a day, so you are assured of complete privacy.

Roaring Camp

Roaring Camp - Bay Area Wedding Venues

Roaring Camp is for couples who want an all-out wedding with a memorable experience. Why do I say so? It’s simple. First, this venue combines your wedding ceremony with a train ride adventure. The steam train in question is over a hundred years old and takes you through an ancient redwood forest to where you’ll have your ceremony. After this, you can head up to a big barn where you’ll have your wedding reception. This venue is perfect for couples who are interested in a rustic, vintage, or timeless wedding.  

Dipsea Gardens at Stinson Beach

Dipsea Gardens at Stinson Beach - Bay Area Wedding Venues

At Dipsea Gardens, you’ll get an unrestricted view of the Pacific Ocean as you say your wedding vows, and honestly, how many people can boast of such an experience? This location is just north of San Francisco but is removed from the city’s hustle and bustle. You’ll feel like you and your guests are on vacation. It is also quite affordable and has a natural beauty that ensures that you do not have to spend too much on venue décor. 

Brownstone Gardens

Brownstone Gardens - Bay Area Wedding Venues

Brownstone Gardens is a lovely wedding location where you can get a fantastic package for your wedding in San Francisco. They are known for their staff’s professionalism and hospitality, and you’ll be treated to many luxurious amenities too. How many wedding destinations do you know with a gazebo, koi pond, and a waterfall? Brownstone Gardens has them all!

Ventana Inn & Spa

Ventana Inn & Spa - Bay Area Wedding Venues

This five-star resort offers you the topmost luxury, and your wedding here will be nothing less than dreamy and romantic. There are several terraces available where you can hold your wedding, or you can choose to do so on the Ocean Meadow Lawn. Couples looking for intimacy also have a unique location known as the redwood circle where they can hold a private ceremony. A wedding here for you and your guests would mean that you can relax and enjoy the luxury that this place has to offer. 

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