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October 7, 2013

So Happy to received my new studio fine art album from UK! Love it so much!!!

This is by far the best album I ever made! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Very Happy!!

Thank you Folio Albums to sponsor this sample album set to me!

Key Facts

Main Album Sizes
There’s no complexity when it comes to size and shape – just select either a 12″x12″, 10″x10″, 8″x8″, or 6″x6″ as your main album.

Invisible Crease
We print across the centre crease so that your album lies completely flat. Unlike traditional photographic prints our ink does not crack or discolour.

All Squared
We love the simplicity and flexibility of the square format and you can place images across the crease to create a landscape format.

Cover Choices
Your main album can be wrapped in the finest leather or our new range of photo cotton, silk and colour cotton covers.

Fine Art Paper
Choose either Art White, Art Cotton or Gallery Cotton paper for your album. Each of our fine art papers has a beautiful matte finish that oozes class and sophistication.

Mini Copies
6″x6″ albums are available as direct copies of our larger 12″x12″, 10″x10″ and 8″x8″ books, or as duplicates of a 6″x6″ main album. You can order these at the same time as your main album order, or for up to 3 months afterwards.

Spreads vs Pages
The base price for an album includes 15 spreads (30 pages). The minimum number of spreads we would recommend in any album would be 10 (20 pages), although the base price remains the same as for 15 spreads. The maximum number of spreads in any album is 40 (80 pages).

Pages vs Sides

We have found there is a lot of confusion with “what is a page” and “what is a side”. For clarity, a page is a single side of a leaf i.e a leaf has 2 pages. A page therefore is the same as a side.

Album Presentation
All of our albums come in cotton bags and presentation boxes

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