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The Best Places To Take Engagement Photos In San Francisco The process of choosing the right location to take your engagement photos in San Francisco might get lost in the whirlwind of emotions you are experiencing. If you are going to be getting your engagement photos in the Bay Area, you are in luck. It […]


Just a few reasons on why adding an engagement session (Pre Wedding Photography) to your wedding package is a brilliant idea! Reason one – You’ll be using them (a lot!) Believe it or not, you’ll probably be using those engagement photos (Pre Wedding Photography) over and over again before the big day arrives. My clients […]


Engagement photos in Hong Kong I had a chance to help Lepus & Arnaud for their Engagement photos in Hong Kong We start at The Victoria Peak Garden on top of The Peak I love this park a lot I always bring my couples to have the engagement photo session here because of the European […]


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I'm a wedding photographer based in San Francisco & the Bay Area. It’s been over a decade since I captured my first wedding, and today the magic and joy of what I do is more alive than ever.


Hey there! I'm Tanarak.

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Building a wedding day schedule was never so simple! 
I will share my experience as a wedding photographer with you in a document that explains my two proven and approved wedding day schedules for a seamless and fun wedding day. 
This guide will help you find the right timeline for your big day, one that fills all your needs and expectations. 
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